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Be aware use cloud with care, learn the following-

As business owner or manager, ask tough questions to cloud product vendors. Don't be forced into cloud services just because you are told by the cloud sales force "your data and e-mail is secure we never have problem".

Here are some key questions to ask a cloud vendor. Better still, hire Gencom NW Health IT experts to evaluate which if any cloud services are right for your business.

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> Is  my e-mail always sent by securely?

> Are HIPAA 2.0 e-mail standards enforced for all my e-mail's?

> Whose brand of email encryption are you using?

> Is the encryption hardware appliance based?

>Where are my backups kept?

>What is a patient Portal 

> Will the cloud vendor do a live restore of your data to validate the backup copy and process?

> How long does cloud vendor keep my data after I quit their service?

>What happens to my data if your cloud company goes out of business?

> If your cloud company closes how do I get my data back and know who has control of  data or copies in the future?