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Cloud Computing represents the biggest shift in computing of the last
decade. It’s as fundamental as the move from client-server computing to
web-centric computing, and in many ways more disruptive. For cloud
computing is a change in business models—the ability to efficiently allocate
computing power on demand, in a true utility model. It changes what
companies can do with IT resources.

By 2012, cloud spending on the national level will grow almost threefold, to $42 Billion. Already, the
money spent on cloud computing is growing at over five times the rate of traditional, on-premise IT. Cloud adopters are already bragging about their lower costs and greater ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

The best news of all is this: we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what clouds can do, because cloud computing will forever change how we perceive technology. Clouds change
the way we plan enterprise IT. They change how start-ups launch and grow
their offerings. They alter the tools and methods with which developers build
applications. And they demand new hardware and software platforms, both
for enterprises and for the companies delivering cloud computing services.

Whether it's a hard-line or cloud-based connection which you need for your business, Gencom Northwest has all the equipment, tools, and access to cutting-edge technology which is needed to get your enterprise up to speed in the age of technological marvels. So go ahead. Start making the switch to secured cloud servers. We are ready to help.

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