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If you could start all over again
and re-design your business,
what would it look like?

Cloud Technology offers lots of choices, one size does not fit all. Gencom System Engineers learn about you business and information flow process and make recommendations about lowering costs with improved efficiency.

> Want to work anytime from anywhere using any device like an iPad, Mobile Phone, Tablet or Notebook?

> Are you concerned about moving you data offsite? We have a plan for you with our new Hybrid Cloud Technology to keep data on site. Ask us how that works, its amazing!

> Concerned about large up front costs? We have a  pay as you go monthly fee plan that covers EHR software, support and equipment. 

> Want a web based EHR software that runs on your Windows Mobile Mango phone, we have it.

Gencom Northwest is proudly partnered with multiple cloud technology companies specializing in secure cloud-based technology. You have a choice, talk with the experts about how your company can benefit by anytime servers. Our job is to find creative solutions, getting your work done quickly and improve you bottom line. Our portfolio includes web based Software as Service (SaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Services Provider License Agreements (SPLA) for health and business software .

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To ask us a question about secure cloud servers, or to inquire on more information regarding goods and services, please click here.

Here are some of the ideas Gencom Northwest thinks you should consider about why it's time to move towards cloud-based servers. We're already convinced in our ability to help your practice flourish- now it's your turn.

What does your business want  technology to do?  We believe it is similar to  cell phone bars or telephone dialtone. You are just trying to get “dial-tone” to make the call and communicate.  Dial tone is like the cloud  concept,  using any mobile or PC device, always available  from anywhere you want to work. 

Monthly technology Costs? Expensive comes to mind, but is it? You are probably used to either a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) or break-fix repairs.  The MSA flattens out repair costs by essentially paying for the inevitable break on a monthly basis, with some technical evaluations tossed in.  But MSA doesn’t deal with the underlying problem of eliminating the cost all together.  What is the value if you never have a server problem?  The goal is to treat it just like a cell phone network.  No one wants to know exactly how the cellular network operates, they just expect it to.

What is it worth to not have problems with accessing you applications or data?  We are not suggesting we are totally trouble-free, but we start the program with the desire for 99.99% uptime. One of our vendors, Argentstratus guarantees that if you  try to access their cloud server and  can’t because the Argentstratus server is down, you not only don’t pay for the time you couldn’t get access, they reduce your bill by $1.00 per user hour. So, a business with 15 users could get $15 off their bill if Argentstratus has a single discovered instance of downtime in a month.

If you could start all over again and design your business with today’s technology, what would your business look like?  Clients spend tens of thousands of dollars on hardware, only to find that technology has advanced and created newopportunities and require a whole new round of investment.

How do you really want things to work?  All too often people get pushed into solutions that have little to do with how they want to do things.  They want to work from home, or from treatment rooms, instead of being pushed into a boiler plate solution that is convenient for the technology provider, but not for them.  They want to share information with their employees, partners, patients, and collaborate with specialists.

What isthe hidden cost of obsolescence? We alluded to it above, but -

Has the decision maker really thought about the missed opportunity and cost of being behind the curve? What is the value of the lost revenue stream, and the additional staff time that the business pays for, to support this business model?  If a web-based appointment system could save 3 hours a week of staffing and generate 1 new patient per week; that is 150 hours per year that could be used for other purposes and an additional $10,000 or more in revenue, to increase the profitability of the practice.  This is all without having to pay for 24/7server administration.

What are the risks of having Protected Health Information (PHI) on-site and not in a secured area as HIPAA states?  Today, it is all too easy to walk into a medical clinic and find the server sitting in the reception area, along with a password taped to the side of the monitor. What happens when the clinic is broken into and the server stolen?  All that data is now accessible by the thiefand potentially subjects the doctor to huge fines and public humiliation.  Even if they can avoid the HIPAA problem, they will be responsible for providing free credit checking to all their patients, even if the system is not accessed. To properly secure the system, it has to be in a locked down with its own cooling and fire suppression system. Which clinic wants to take expensive treatment space and turn it into computer storage?

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