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The Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs will provide incentive payments to eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs) as they adopt, implement, upgrade or demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology.

  • Participation can begin as early as 2011.
  • Eligible professionals can receive up to $44,000 over five years under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. There's an additional incentive for eligible professionals who provide services in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HSPA).
  • To get the maximum incentive payment, Medicare eligible professionals must begin participation by 2012.
  • Incentive payments for eligible hospitals and CAHs may begin as early as 2011 and are based on a number of factors, beginning with a $2 million base payment.
  • Important! For 2015 and later, Medicare eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and CAHs that do not successfully demonstrate meaningful use will have a payment adjustment in their Medicare reimbursement.

*A separate Medicaid EHR Incentives program also goes into effect in 2011. For more information on both of these new programs, please visit: http://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/

The high costs of upgrading medical office networks to utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR) has been a deterrent for many clinics struggling to make ends meet in these uncertain economic times. However, with an opportunity for federal compensation of up to $44,000 per competitive business, now is the time to make the decision you've been putting off for so long. 

Gencom Northwest is always working to keep you informed of the latest events and opportunities which can save your business both time and money. We are ready to answer any technical or cost-related questions you may have regarding the EHR Incentives Program, and provide comprehensive estimates to determine what it will take to get your practice eligible for receiving federal benefits.